Insulation Options

Insulation Thickness and R-Value

When insulating a pole barn, you need to know the depth of your posts in the walls as well as the depth of your purlins or trusses in the ceiling.  It is most common the have 6″ of depth in your walls.  In this case a 6″ R-19 blanket is installed.  The method of installation in your roof will determine the thickness or R-Value to be used. Click here for roof install options.

Thickness R-Value
2.75″ R-7
3″ R-10
3.5″ R-11
4″ R-13
6″ R-19
8″ R-25
9.5″ R-30
Fiberglass Insulation Blanket

Insulation Facing

There are several available options as a vapor retarder and proactive cover to fiber glass insulation blankets.  Most commonly sold are WMP-VRR as a standard duty and WMP-50 for a heavier duty facing.  Heavy duty facings offer a thicker, stronger facing material at a minimal cost increase.  Heavy duty facing is recommended in high traffic areas.

Click on the facing image for more details on each.

WMP-VR Insulation Facing WMP-VR R Insulation Facing WMP-10 Insulation Facing
WMP-50 Insulation Facing GymGuard Insulation Facing Black Insulation Facing